Being Choosen To Adopt A Child Is Always Is Humbling.Register


I Alone Cannot Change The World But I Can Cast A Stone Across The Water To Create Many RipplesRegister


Volunteering Is The Ultimate Exercise In Democracy. You Vote In Elections Once A Year, But When You Vote Every Day About the Kind Of Community You Want To Live In.Register

What your money can do ?

Your donation could be as little as Rs 300 to Rs 6000 which will pay for education and training needs of students. A sum of Rs 10000 will cover the student's training expenses for a whole year. A donation of Rs 3000 will meet a child’s hostel fees for a month, while Rs 36000 will cover a year's costs. Sponsoring a student for a year, including Meeting course fees.

How can you Donate ?

Donate to reach out to the many, many underprivileged children who are looking for a helping hand to pull them out of the vicious cycle of poverty,inadequate education and unemployment, and make a difference to their lives, Together we can provide deserving underprivileged students the holistic education that is their right, and help them a secure future.And also be a part of the ripple effect that will shape a better world.